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Important: Update of Courses and Assessments

Important: Update of Courses and Assessments

by Simone Dawson -
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You may notice that there have been changes to some of your courses. 

This has included: 

  • updating key information In Moodle
  • updating of assessments
  • renaming of documents to align to version control

Assessment updates have included:

- embedding of the documents that you use for the assessment - this means that you will only have to download one document

- the addition of a student declaration

- reviews on some of the questions to provide better clarity or as part of unit changes.

If you have commenced and assessment:

- you can continue to work on this version 

- if you do not have a particular document needed for the previous version of the assessment, these are located in the latest version.

Please note: 

- some courses still need review and are due for completion by end of June (this includes Project Management, Customer Engagement and Transport and Logistics including dual qualifications).

Thank you in advance for you understanding,

The Team at National Training.