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Submitting an Assessment: Drafts in Moodle

by Simone Dawson -

In line with our policy, we have up to fourteen days to mark your assessment.  As you might have noticed, we are generally quicker than that.  If you haven't received feedback within a week of submission, please let your trainer know.  It might be that you have submitted your assessment as a draft (trainers don't receive notification of draft submissions and they do not review them).  

When you correctly submit your assessment, Moodle will send a notification (a message). Your trainer also receives a notification which prompts marking

Drafts are useful as a backup of your work.  We strongly recommend that you back up your assessments so that you have two copies in case something happens  like a system failure, file corrupting or a lost USB.  We have had students who only had one question to go on a major assessment and lost all of their hard work. 

Remember, we are here to help and if there is something that you are unsure, please contact your trainer.


Public holidays September 22nd and 23rd

by Simone Dawson -

Please note that September 22nd and 23rd are public holidays and trainers and staff from National Training will be unavailable.

If it is an administration related query such as you need a password reset, you will need to email; 

Alternatively, please email your trainer and they will respond when they return to work.

Trainer Leave: Simone Dawson

by Simone Dawson -

I will be on annual leave over the following dates:

  • From Friday September 16th and I will return to work on Tuesday September 20th
  • From Friday October 30th and I will return to work on Wednesday November 2nd (Tuesday is a public holiday in Victoria)

During this time, I will not have internet access so will be unable to access my emails.

If you need any assistance please contact the office:
  • (03) 9013 6878

Upon my return to work, I will respond to all emails and mark assessments.  This may mean that there are delays in my usual prompt marking of assessments and may take up to a week to mark all assessments upon my return to work. 

I thank you in advance for your understanding. 

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