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Assessments and referencing

Assessments and referencing

by Simone Dawson -
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Our assessments generally follow the same format with written questions first and then other assessment tasks. 

Written Questions: This is to review your understanding of the unit. In most cases, you can use the Learner Guide to complete this part of the assessment. Some students find it easier to search for key words from the question in the Learner Guide.  

For references, at the end of the question, we are happy if you just include:

  • The weblink if research has been undertaken
  • BSBXXX5XX Learner Guide, Page XX (updated to reflect the unit of study and page number)

Sometimes though, the unit needs you to conduct research so the question will state this. This is due to the fact that as part of the unit requirements, it states that research required. The questions are used to determine the underpinning knowledge for the unit that is needed.

Projects and Case Studies

These generally align to our simulated business National Camper Trailers. The assessment may refer to different documents.  These are available just above your first unit in the National Camper Trailers: Supporting Documents to complete your assessments. 

Generally, these sections will have information in the Case Study Background that will assist you to complete the question. 

References may be required for these tasks and must be included.

Accessing National Camper Trailers Documents:

  • Just above your first unit, you will find the folder National Camper Trailers: Supporting Documents. This has all the documents that you will use as part of your assessments (they are listed alphabetically
  • The NCT Policies and Procedure are embedded in the Student Assessment Workbook (generally in the Case Study Background, the grey box with information about your assessment)
  • Finally, when you first click on the assessment, you will find the Student Assessment Workbook and a folder Additional Documents and Templates. This folder contains the embedded documents in the Student Assessment Workbook.
NOTE: Not all Assessments utilise NCT.

When submitting an assessment, there are two options

  • Save as a draft- this is just a backup of information and is not reviewed by me
  • Submitting of the assessment: you will receive a notification from Moodle (a message) that your assessment has been submitted. Your trainer also receive a message which prompts them to review your submission.

Remember we are here to help.